Departures: See you in Morocco

IF adventure is what you are after, I recommend you take this scatter-gun approach to maintain the element of surprise to your journey.

I was there for the send-off photo, but missed the Bucks Fizz :(
I was there for the send-off photo, but missed the Bucks Fizz 😦

If you are after a more relaxing experience, pay attention to names of hotels listed or tagged in the blog and make sure you book in advance.

While most students have gone home for an Easter break of family gatherings, old friend reunions, jobs in greasy bars and failed revision attempts. Some of the more crazy ones among us have decided it’s a grand idea to do something a little different, what many would consider pretty daring, like hitch hike to Morocco, for charity.
It all started on a sunny (yes, sunny) Friday in March- my birthday! Outside Swansea University with all the other hitchers and a Bucks Fiz reception (which I missed due to frantically rummaging for cardboard in the recycling bins!) We got off to a fine start and with the unusually glorious weather speeding us on and successfully got to Portsmouth fairly sharpish for a nice relaxing ferry ride to St Malo…WITH A BED! **It’s worth noting the bed was only acquired after lengthy negotiations with ferry staff and resulted in 6 of us in a cabin with only 2 beds! Cozy!

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