Trying to Find ‘Lost’

That’s right, after a tip off from a cameraman of the TV series “Lost” who was staying in our hostel, we had plans for the final adventure of our trip. He lent us his car for two days and drew us a map on a napkin. That was all we needed, apparently, as it was ‘dead easy, you can’t miss it, just look for the padlocked gate’.

We were off to find ‘Lost’, after posing with a tin man in downtown Honolulu, obviously!

Posing in Honolulu before the adventure
Posing in Honolulu before the adventure- the jellyfish sting had subsided enough for me to walk properly

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Surviving a Box Jellyfish Sting

Last nights episode did teach me even more respect for the sea than I already had. I had learnt my lesson, but it wasn’t going to stop me from making the most of my trip – despite the fact even the ambulance crew were surprised I wasn’t rushed to A&E.

After a quick morning surf (once the jellyfish warning had been lifted and everyone hopped on their boards) we were then evacuated due to a shark scare. We took the hint and figured it was time to do some land-based sight seeing before we hit up another beach.

Lanikai beach

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A Night with a Box Jellyfish

This was all because I didn’t check the ‘Jellyfish Timetable‘- Box Jellyfish arrive in Waikiki and other parts of the Hawaiian Islands based on the lunar cycle- they come to shore 8 to 10 days after each full moon and are particularly abundant in the early hours. There was also a noticeable lack of warning signs. I guess this was why the flights were so cheap!

Lesson learnt - don't go in the sea at night in Hawai'i
Lesson learnt – don’t go in the sea at night in Hawai’i

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I’ve Just Bought a Flight to Hawai’i

I could have gone somewhere local, yes, but I wasn’t thinking straight, and a $250 round trip to Hawai’i via Vegas was too much of a good opportunity to miss! I guess this is what happens when you come up with ‘good ideas’ without thinking them through first or checking various reports like ‘Jellyfish Reports’…jellyfish reports, seriously? Yes, and yes you should check them, as I learnt the hard way!

Distracted by a roadside waterfall
Arriving in Honolulu, I couldn’t wait to get in the water

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