The Flavour of Eco Chocolate

Alter Eco – Dark Salted Brown Butter Organic Chocolate

Alter Eco’s Organic Dark Salted Brown Butter chocolate is something every chocolate lover should have in their cacao library.

But it’s not just the silky melt-in-your-mouth texture, or the invitingly intense flavour of this fine Ecuadorian chocolate expertly blended with dark salted brown butter that should get you excited, it’s the ethos, and the story behind the company that makes this bar equally exciting.

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Flavours from Eastern Europe

Kehrwieder Chocolates – Tallinn, Estonia

Chocolate runs in my veins, which means whenever I am out and about – whether in my hometown, or a new city or village, I always have to find chocolate in some form. I wouldn’t call it an addiction, more a necessity, like breathing.

Last year my partner and I took a trip to Finland, and, realising Estonia was only a short ferry ride away, decided to hop across to Old Town Tallinn to do some exploring. For a full debrief on Tallinn, please click HERE, or to read up on my Finnish adventures, hope over to this LINK.

This post is dedicated entirely to flavoured chocolate bars, using unusual flavours I came across whilst in Tallinn.

Down a small alleyway near a church right in the middle of Old Town Tallinn we discover Kehrwieder, a delightful little coffee shop who also make their own chocolates.

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Marmalade, Chocolate and a hint of Rose


People are probably most familiar with these guys and their cake-making abilities. With stores in iconic locations across London, they are popular with tourists and locals alike and produce a fine range of cakes, pastries and bread served alongside specially selected teas and coffees. Me being me, I got most excited about them when I discovered they also do chocolates with witty notes on the packaging…

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