Meet Me in Marrakech

Arriving at midnight at Orange Stall 14 – exactly 12 hours late – the train ride had taken us to the point of exhaustion. The souk was still bustling with activity and interest at our arrival so we quickly scouted out Hotel Foucauld.

Compared to the dungeon of Tangier it was bearable – despite the holes in the wall, 1960s TV set and very tired-looking net curtains, we were relieved, however, to find a working shower with HOT water! Perfect for a cheap stay in Marrakech if you’re on a backpacker’s shoestring budget.

Late arrivals
Late arrivals

Next morning was time to go our separate ways, while some of us had flights booked back over the next couple of days, I had other ideas. I said my goodbyes and set off into the heady mix of snake charmers’ pipes, drumming and the smokey, orange-scented, hazy bustle of the souk…promptly getting lost 20 minutes later.

Author: ellecoco

A buckaneering chocolatier, fuelled by chocolate, powered by adventure...

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