Refuel in Rabat before Casablanca Chaos

After dads distressing hammam experience, we made our way to Rabat and the accidental booking of one of the most expensive hotels in the capital!
Marble floors, gold and chandeliers
The hotel was very grand with marble floors, gold and chandeliers

A day and a night was spent here at the Villa Mandarine Hotel, mainly in a garden of orange flowers populated with peacocks, before we set off into the chaos of Casablanca after a suspected suicide bomb attack.


Here in Casablanca, driving across six lanes of traffic, over a zebra crossing is something of the norm and when asking for directions you are often given two completely different options, with small Moroccan men pointing down opposite ends of the street to the same place. Said men often proceed to argue loudly in Arabic with one another about which of their directions is better while you stand there helplessly. Two options are fairly common in Casablanca, they often have two names for the same street!

Dad and our 'Trusty Steed'
Dad and our ‘Trusty Steed’

After we had finally found the place and given money to the little men pretending to be parking officials, we then checked in and finished our night with a nice little shisha session in the bar adjoining our hotel.

After a month on the road it was time to return to the UK, but something told me it wouldn’t be long before I was back on the road again!

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