Surviving a Box Jellyfish Sting

Last nights episode did teach me even more respect for the sea than I already had. I had learnt my lesson, but it wasn’t going to stop me from making the most of my trip – despite the fact even the ambulance crew were surprised I wasn’t rushed to A&E.

After a quick morning surf (once the jellyfish warning had been lifted and everyone hopped on their boards) we were then evacuated due to a shark scare. We took the hint and figured it was time to do some land-based sight seeing before we hit up another beach.

Lanikai beach

We were off to Lanikai beach, the word ‘Lani Kai’ literally means “Heavenly Ocean” and once we (finally) got there it wasn’t hard to see why. As we were doing this on a budget we opted for public transport to get us to the beach, which in hind sight was a bit silly; it took us 1 hr and a half to get there and involved 3 bus transfers, but it was SO worth it! A truly stunning location and free from jellyfish and sharks, which was a bonus! Getting back was a bit of a challenge tho and in the end our only chance of getting out of the random little town we ended up in, was to hitch hike!

On our way back to base, spontaneity took the better of us and we decided that Diamond Head hike was the best way to finish the evening- we could pretend we were running away from the imaginary dinosaurs of Jurassic Park! The journey wasn’t too bad, a half hour bus ride with one change, and we managed to get the right direction for the bus, BOTH times. We’re getting good at this!!

Author: ellecoco

A buckaneering chocolatier, fuelled by chocolate, powered by adventure...

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