Macanese Egg Tarts

Macanese Egg Tarts, or if you’re in Europe you’re probably more familiar with the Portuguese term for them ‘Pastel de Nata’ (since Macau – the small island off the coast of China next to Hong Kong – is in fact a Portuguese colony) are one of my favourite things in the world.And no, they are not the same as traditional English Egg Custard Tarts in short crust pastry.

I gorged myself on them for the week in Hong Kong and Macau at the end of my China adventure in 2009, and developed withdrawal symptoms on returning home – in 2009, in London, there were NO PORTUGUESE / MACANESE EGG TARTS – what was a girl to do?

Work out how to make them, obviously. Please find the step by step recipe below! Enjoy! And don’t forget to share your images and comments – happy baking! 😀

You will need:

500g puff pastry, 200g whipping cream, 300g milk, 80g sugar, 4 eggs, 3 yolks, vanilla extract (not essence)


Puff pastry can be a bit of a pain to make if you are short on time, so you can either make alot in advance that you can keep in the freezer (carefully wrapped in cling film) for a month, or purchase JusRoll (although this doesn’t puff quite as well as if you make it yourself.

(If using JusRoll) Roll pastry to a rectangle 5mm thick, roll up like a Swiss roll and chill to firm.

  • Divide pastry to 25g portions, flatten to 3mm, press into tart cases
  • Beat eggs and yolks together, set aside
  • Cook cream & milk to 70 degrees celsius, add sugar, stir until dissolved
  • Add beaten eggs and yolk mix to cream and milk, stir until well blended, add vanilla extract
Heat cream, milk, eggs and sugar in a pan
Heat cream, milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla in a pan
  • Pour filling into tart cases, bake at 220 degrees celsius for 20-30 minutes – check them after 20 minutes – then cook further 10 minutes until golden on the top


  • Once golden brown, remove and leave to cool on a wire rack
Cooling on the wire rack
Cooling on the wire rack
  • EAT THEM! 😀
Don't have to tell me twice...
Don’t have to tell me twice…

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