I Need You at Secret Garden Party

Imagine if Glastonbury Festival on Worthy Farm and Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada had a baby festival…well, actually they did, and that is exactly what SGI is


Well, actually they did, and that is exactly what Secret Garden Party (SGP) is. Many of the same tents, performers and acts from Glastonbury find their way to SGP, and a lot of SGPs organisers are affiliated with Burning Man Festival. You’ll often find the same installations – especially the pyrotechnic ones – at both BM and SGP, so keep a watch out, especially for the big burn on Saturday night!

First things first – to start the day you definitely have to have Breakfast In Bed. Quite literally you take your wellies off, hop in a lovely freshly made bed, out in the middle of one of the fields, but coincidentally near a breakfast stall, and that signifies you would like the menu, please, and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice while you decide what to order.

After that and a bit of wandering, it’s definitely time for a Hog Roast bun, washed down with coconut water (drunk straight from a coconut obviously!)

All this walking really does work up quite an appetite, so if the mood takes you (and you were clever enough to book in advance), then get yourselves down to Soulfire Restaurant. Although sometimes on a morning – if you’re really not too hung over for scrambled egg and smoked salmon on toast with…you guessed it, fresh squeezed orange stuff if you so wish, you may be lucky enough to get served WITHOUT a booking. Well fancy that!

Then as the evening draws in it’s time for proper exploring, camera at the ready, before bouncing around and climbing into unusual positions to get those ‘how did you manage to get that’ photos and video footage of your best mates’ band.

Copyright- Elle Coco Photography. Featured band Junkyard Scientists
Copyright- Elle Coco Photography. Featured band Junkyard Scientists

Regardless if you’re traveling with a band or not, this is one festival you don’t want to miss!

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