Trekking Around Trogir

Using Split as our base camp it was now time to test out the Croatian public transport system, with a self-planned trip out to Trogir (formerly known as Trau, short for Traugurion as it was coined in 3rd BC by early Greek settlers) – one of Croatia’s most famous medieval walled towns, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site to boot.

Being the height of summer it gets very hot in Croatia, especially on the buses which have no air con and look like they are the same ones even from the Soviet occupation era. The bus journey is quite long and pretty windy, but it’s nice to get out for the day and feel like a local.

Trogir is a beautiful town, blessed with a unique collection of Romanesque and Rennaisance architecture, and a magnificent cathedral in the centre of town, the combination of which resulted in it earning World Heritige Site status in 1997. Situated on the shoreline it is peppered with bars and cafe and frequented by the elite yachting community in summer. But it’s not just the superyachts and stylish bars that are an attraction in Trogir – in the centre of Old Town lies Trogir’s historical core; complete with 10 ancient churches and a selection of other well preserved buildings from the 13th Century. Get ready for another time warp here folks, as you can just feel the past 2300 years of history seeping out from the cold walls as you wander in their shade.

Author: ellecoco

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