Wine is a Right of Passage


It’s the last day of our Waiheke Island tour and I’ve developed a great feel for the place, early morning jogs along the beach, sunset walks, exploring beach-side and inland vineyards to compare the difference in the wine, dining on some of the most amazing fare and explored the amazing chocolate shops and dessert bars of mainland Auckland.

It was time for the last vineyard of our short stay, and we were not disappointed. Passage Rock Vineyard is in the south of the island, near Orapiu Bay.

The Passage Rock vineyard
The Passage Rock vineyard

 Set a little further inland than the Man O’War vineyard, but still beautiful. This is the only vineyard on the south eastern tip of the island and when we arrived we were greeted by a vast selection of award-winning wines, and once we had selected one, were given a chocolate to taste with the wine. We stayed for a hearty lunch and this place really topped it for the food, it was basically artwork masterpieces on a plate, they looked too good to eat! The John Dory was fresh caught and absolutely amazing, with a side of expertly prepared veg and home made tartar sauce. Eye Fillet steak was on the perfect side of rare with it’s juices mixing with the roux, and the dessert, well this really was the masterpiece, and one I actually managed to take a picture of before we tucked in! Strawberry, mint and chocolate tart!

Art on a place - the strawberry and chocolate tart
Art on a place – the strawberry and chocolate tart

Once we’d eaten and drunk ourselves to near oblivion it was time to stock up on wines before making the journey home. After wandering around the vineyard itself we began making tracks, feeling proud we had covered 3 vineyards in 3 days by car…until in a cloud of smoke two hot and sweaty cyclists arrived, who were half way through a week-long cycle trip covering the whole of the island. Well, I guess someone has to put in the insane manpower for this!

Testing the wine before stocking up for later
Testing the wine before stocking up for later

We took the ferry back to Auckland that evening and sat at the front so we could see the gleaming lights of Auckland as we docked. I’d be very sad to leave this place, but I know I’m coming back, some day. Until then I’ll just have to see how long the Pohutukawa honey, manuka honey, and wine will last…


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