Drinking Liquid Gold


The richest of them all! Sketch in Mayfair is a Michellin star group of restaurants in one venue. The first place you may enter as you head into the building is the Parlour, famous for it’s Alice in Wonderland-esque themed decor and tastefully miss-matched furniture. You can lunch here, and also take morning tea or breakfast – here they have a fine range of french patisserie, macarons, a full on varied lunch menu at a reasonable price, and…hot chocolate to die for.

Made using Valrhona’s finest 70% dark house blend, again like all top hot chocolates in London this is pure, melted gold, in a cup! But it’s the combination of this melted gold and finely frothed creamed milk that really makes this particular hot chocolate extra special. So smooth and so thick that you really do need the supplied teaspoon to scoop out the left overs, you’ll be licking your lips and savouring that flavour long after you have scraped the last from the cup!

Drinking Liquid Gold
A Cup of Liquid Gold

Sketch is worth a visit not just for the hot chocolates, the patisseries, the delightful theme of the parlour, but The Glade is a must visit for any coffee lover or fan of scones and cream – Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is staple here and the Glade gives a delightful impression of being in a forest. Before you go, don’t forget to explore the loos – both sets – they are some of, if not the most, exciting in London!

Sketch is found at 9 Conduit Street, W1S 2XG, a stones throw (or very short walk) from Oxford Circus tube station.

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