Marmalade, Chocolate and a hint of Rose


People are probably most familiar with these guys and their cake-making abilities. With stores in iconic locations across London, they are popular with tourists and locals alike and produce a fine range of cakes, pastries and bread served alongside specially selected teas and coffees. Me being me, I got most excited about them when I discovered they also do chocolates with witty notes on the packaging…

This first discovery was made at Richmond’s Kew Gardens and it all began with Marmalade. Yes, you heard correctly, Peyton and Byrne do a marmalade dark chocolate. Made using cocoa beans sourced from Colombia, for an extra intense chocolatey experience, blended with real segments of orange zest and marmalade pieces this really is like eating a marmalade and chocolate sandwich, just without the bread. If you like your marmalade IN your chocolate then this is the bar for you! The bars are small on purpose, at 25g with neat little segments that can be broken off for sharing; with a loved one, or yourself! But don’t worry, with 75% cocoa solids you really don’t need much and they are very satisfying no matter what time of day you treat yourself.

Peyton and Byrne marmalade dark chocolate
Peyton and Byrne marmalade dark chocolate

They are quite adventurous too so they don’t just stop at marmalade, their 70% dark chocolate and rose is also pretty damn snazzy too. Using those Colombian beans again creates a great platform for the more subtle floral notes of the rose.

Peyton and Byrne Chocolate range
Peyton and Byrne Chocolate range

Peyton and Byrne can be found at various locations across London and chocolates can be bought from their website, in addition to their Marmalade bars from Kew Gardens. I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on these guys!

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