Koln Karneval

It’s cold, very cold, and I’m on the 5am train to Heathrow airport heading for Cologne Bonn, Germany. This all sounds perfectly normal for a Friday morning, aside from the fact I’m in a traditional German dirndl, dressed as a pirate with a fake parrot strapped to my shoulder. I’m going to Koln Karneval, to celebrate yet another traditional German festival, like a true native. Continue reading “Koln Karneval”

Silent City or Party Island

If, like me, you are one for a bit of spontaneity and a lover of winter sun, but heavily restricted on time AND money, then late October and November are the perfect time to get away to a tiny island in the Med!

If you look really closely you can almost see it…almost

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Viva Colognia

Crazy Cologne:

29th JULY: The time had come to leave the Dam…for now. We were up bright and early for a very windy open top car ride down to Cologne. Now looking suitably windswept we checked into our next accommodation and made a beeline for the nearest restaurant, which just so happened to have the most amazing  leg of lamb and potatoes, before donning our ludicrous rave t-shirts and hitting the town.

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Scandals in Sandals

After a couple of days we had begun to really settle in and relax in this bubble of opportunity, having spent another full day exploring the different beaches and malls of Dubai, we were ready for Armani Club and dressed to the nines. First tho, was dinner at Tomo as we were in the mood for sushi!

Jump for the sky
Jump for the sky

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Laws of the Land

Where else can you ski in the morning, sky dive in the afternoon and land on a party at Atlantis on one of the ‘fronds’ of the ‘Palm’, a futuristic suburb of the sea for a crazy evening party?! Dubai, of course! A favourite location of many nations around the world, drawn by the cloud piercing skyscrapers, endless opportunities, glittering malls and glamorous clubs.

An aerial view of Burj Khalifa - the tallest artificial structure in the world
An aerial view of Burj Khalifa – the tallest artificial structure in the world

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Die Oktoberfest am Wiesen

Do you want to partake in one of the worlds best drinking festivals, in true style? You’d better meet some Germans then, these Fraulines and Junges sure know how to party!

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Party Capital Guangzhou

Twenty Eight Hours Later – sounds like the introduction to a horror story doesn’t it?  Well it felt like it…I am NEVER doing 28 hours on a hard sleeper train EVER AGAIN! I finally arrive in Guangzhou – dubbed the ‘European Party Capital of China’.

This Party Capital of China sure gives off it's fair share of light polution
This Party Capital of China sure gives off it’s fair share of light polution

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