Gun-Wielding Maniacs

Everyone the world over knows how much Americans love their guns! From Western movies, to police and sherifs, even your average Joe, you’re never really far away from a gun. Even driving down the highway you’ll realise gun shops and shooting ranges are plentiful.

So it was only normal that one weekend in early October that I would trek out with my American comrades to shoot bits of metal at paper and balsa wood cut out shapes at Calibers Shooting Range, on Cutler Avenue ABQ.

Lara Croft you say?
Lara Croft you say?

My American friends were expecting me to be especially bad at this exercise…but little did they know I had in fact had munitions training as part of OTC training in Wales! Well, y’know, I like to keep my gun-powder dry! After an awesome day at the ranges my addiction had been rekindled and I can’t wait to go again!

Author: ellecoco

A buckaneering chocolatier, fuelled by chocolate, powered by adventure...

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