How Hi?

Clear blue skies, rugged landscape, stunning sunsets and sunrises…what more could you wish for? BALLOONS!!! Obviously, and lots of them!

Lots of Balloons
Lots of Balloons

As I have been discovering, New Mexico USA really is a one-of-a-kind place. So far I’ve made it to Mexico as it’s just around the corner, checked out Vegas- Nevada and New Mexico, wakeboarded in a lake in the middle of the desert at Conchas Lake, burnt stuff at Zozobra (and Burning Man) AND I’ve been to a shooting range. Really, what else is there left to do? Get up ridiculously early, head out to…and watch a spectacular balloon festival, of course!

Really early in the morning!
Really early in the morning!

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta actually really is Ah-May-Zing and reputed to be the premier event in the world for balloons. Not hard to see why with the clear skies, flat ground and predictable winds, lots of space-related and high-altitude related activities go on here due to these benefits and we were lucky enough that the Balloon Fiesta is right on our doorstep, so it would be really silly not to go.

It began early, I mean ridiculously early before it was light and before some of us had even managed to sleep as we’d just come in from the night before! We all piled into my roomies car at about 4.3/5am for the short-ish drive down to the…We needed to set off this ridiculously early because there would be a line at the parking lots if we left it too late!

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