Taste the Magic of York

York Cocoa House is a fairytale shop in a fairytale city. You can feel the magic as soon as you walk in the door. But this post focuses just on the chocolates. To read about York Cocoa House’s the products and a full review of York, the sights and other chocolate stops please visit here.

A fine spread of chocolates
A fine spread of chocolates

Sara Jewett, the founder of York Cocoa House is York’s answer to Chocolat’s Vienne. Each chocolate we tried was pure crafted chocolate magic. We tried the top four: Milk Rose Chocolate, Yorkshire Stout, Yorkshire Honey (milk chocolate) and Yorkshire Lemon Curd (white chocolate). Each truffle was wildly different and unique in it’s own way.

Not normally a milk chocolate fan, the Milk Rose Chocolate surprised me, the rose intense, but not overpowering. Nothing like the floral ‘creams’ which can be too sickly. This was the ultimate blend of milk chocolate and rose essential oil marrying perfectly together. The texture was also smooth and creamy. Next up, following in that soft floral tune, was the Yorkshire Honey, delicately decorated with a white chocolate flower, the centre another rich creamy sensation with a subtle hint of Yorkshire honey. Now it was time for a bit of a boozy hit – cue the Yorkshire Stout – a powerful dark chocolate centre with a generous hit of Yorkshire Stout, made using the same stout were were drinking at the table. Rich, nutty, and a perfect marriage with the dark chocolate, giving it a nice oozy texture.

Last, but not least, the Yorkshire Lemon Curd (one of my favourite things in the world), a silver-dusted milk chocolate outer shell encased a heavenly combination of extra curd-y lemon curd and white chocolate ganache! The perfect amount of zesty lemony zing to finish off our chocolate tasting at York Cocoa House!

Yorkshire Lemon Curd white truffle
Yorkshire Lemon Curd white truffle

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