A Cooling Cup of Chocolate

Venice can be hot, very hot in the summer, so what better way to cool down than with a classic chocolate drink, chilled to perfection?

Vino Virtu's summer take on their classic dark hot chocolate
Vino Virtu’s summer take on their classic dark hot chocolate

Vizo Virtu, on Calle Fernery in Venice Italy serves just that, and it’s the perfect antidote to hot sweaty tourist central in mid-August. Laura, behind the counter was delighted to help us, and even more excited to find out that my favourite cacao origin was also Madagascar, same as her, due to all the fruity and red berry notes that can be detected in the chocolate! She was eager to talk through pretty much every chocolate in the shop in great detail, and insisted we tried out their range of cream spreads – a delectable selection of Vizo Virtu’s own take on Nutella – only heaps better! Pistachio nut cream spread anyone?

We made our selection of the finest coutures and truffles on offer, and couldn’t help ourselves with this ultimate in chilled chocolate drinks. They also had an exquisite dark chocolate gelato, and miso and white chocolate ice cream, which you can find out abut in the full review of Venice here. A full review and tasting notes of all the chocolates tried will be provided shortly. Watch this space!

The chocolate drink is thick and rich, exactly the same recipe as their hot chocolate, only chilled down and kept next to the ice cream. It’s like drinking the ultimate in rich velvety dark chocolate ganache, but no so heavy that it still leaves you wanting more, just a little bit, even after a cup full! Can’t wait to come back in the winter and try this hot!!

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